Meloney Perry Discusses Insurance Coverage in Light of Winter Weather

Texans faced power outages, property damage to their homes and damage to their vehicles from accidents as historic cold weather swept through the state last week. Many are working with their insurance companies to assess and fix the damage. Dallas insurance coverage attorney Meloney Perry of Perry Law P.C. advises that knowing your insurance coverage helps to understand what claims to file with your insurance carrier.

“Generally, your insurance policy will cover the water damage from pipes breaking in your home,” says Ms. Perry. “But the coverage may not protect the actual pipe, or the equipment and you cannot assume your insurance coverage will pay for it. So, you may have to take on the cost of the plumbing services. It depends on the kind of coverage you have for your home. Knowing your policy and talking to your insurance agent to make sure you understand what your policy covers can help with how you file any claims.”

Regarding auto insurance policies, Ms. Perry suggests carefully reviewing the details of your auto policy and what it will cover.

“You want to review your auto policy and make sure you understand your coverage and what it entails,” said Ms. Perry. “Speak with your insurance company to discuss your policy in detail, but also consider a good insurance plan with coverage that will help you cover costs if you are in a car accident. For example, consider an insurance plan that includes sufficient limits of liability insurance that will cover your assets, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, comprehensive, collision and medical payments coverage and personal injury protection.”

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