Perry Law Secures Dismissal of Civil Conspiracy Case in State Court, Wins Legal Fees

A Boulder Colorado state judge has dismissed a civil conspiracy court case against GEICO and awarded legal fees in an insurance battle stemming from a 2015 lawsuit.

Natalie Bendinelli accused GEICO of improperly participating in a settlement agreement between her and MetLife. A district judge enforced the settlement, which led to Bendinelli filing a civil conspiracy lawsuit against MetLife and GEICO, claiming she was deceived into believing she settled her lawsuit with MetLife only.

Perry Law attorneys won a case dismissal in federal court last year after a Colorado federal judge granted GEICO’s motion for summary judgment. Bendinelli then filed another case against GEICO in Boulder, Colorado state court for civil conspiracy, adding a claim for abuse of process. Attorneys filed a motion to dismiss, which the court granted. They also filed a motion for attorney’s fees to collect for GEICO’s costs and the fees associated to with prosecuting the case in state court. A judge granted those requests.


The case is Bendinelli v. MetLife and GEICO.