"The achievements of Perry Law are the results of the combined effort of a group of dedicated individuals, and to be a part of such a team is to experience the constant reward of contributing to a group that thrives on success for their clients."

Lisa Amerson Office Manager

  • Dallas, Texas
  • P 214-265-6201
  • F 214-265-6226

Lisa Amerson oversees a little bit of everything related to the daily operation of the Perry Law firm. She plays the role of office manager, bookkeeper, billing tracker, and all around task master.

She loves coming to work every day because of the professional, warm environment that is Perry Law. She says there is a real “sense of family” among the team because the staff works cohesively and seamlessly together to satisfy their clients’ needs. Everyone knows what each other needs and they all remain focused, reflecting a genuine pleasure in caring for their clients.

In her spare time, Lisa fuels her love for learning with books, movies, exploring outdoors, and dabbling in a variety of creative activities.