"It’s empowering to work alongside very strong, professional women. From big picture to the small details, Perry Law has you covered, and I’m elated to be along for the ride."

Samantha Doherty Office Assistant

  • Dallas, Texas
  • P 214-265-6201
  • F 214-265-6226

Samantha Doherty takes pride in her organizational skills and attention to detail. As the office assistant at Perry Law, Samantha uses those skills to contribute to the needs of the team and the firm’s clients.

Samantha’s responsibilities include a variety of jobs, from ensuring paperwork is properly completed to coordinating busy schedules, Samantha keeps everything running smoothly. In her first position in the legal industry, Samantha is learning the ropes of working in a law firm. She enjoys being a part of a staff that she says makes her feel right at home.

When she is not at the office, Samantha enjoys relaxing with her family and two cats, Colby and Penelope. She is also an avid fan of horror movies.