Managing risk is the ultimate goal in almost any insurance defense case. We keep that in mind from the start. Our attorneys recognize preserving a case for an appeal is always the best course of action because you never know what will happen. In matters when an appeal is necessary, we are prepared with an effective, efficient and strategic plan to handle the case throughout the appeals process.

Our appellate lawyers have extensive experience with the appellate process at every level of both state and federal courts. Our strong and innovative brief writing skills have proven to be key aspects of our success in the appellate process.

We are proud of our successful track record of defending clients throughout the country. In a nationwide class action case, our respectful but aggressive courtroom demeanor led to the Supreme Court of the United States reversing a 9th Circuit Court’s decision that would have exposed our client and other insurers to uncapped statutory and punitive damages.

Recognizing where risk can occur, preparation and anticipation of the potential outcomes begins on the first day. We are ready, because in the end – we want you to win.

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