Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance companies protect consumers from unexpected life events. We protect insurance companies when unexpected events impact them.

Bad faith claims against insurance carriers are convoluted, risky, time consuming and costly. Collecting and reviewing evidence in a bad faith claim can lead to expensive attorney fees. We get that. This is where our extensive knowledge of the insurance industry helps us to help you.

We defend insurance carriers and adjusters involved in extra-contractual claims and bad faith claims throughout the Southwest. Many carriers do not have the in-house counsel or resources needed to adequately defend insurance bad faith claims. With 20 years of experience and the resources to handle complex cases, we are prepared and ready.

In every case, large or small, our lawyers obtain and review each piece of evidence to assess any sign of bad faith. Our review includes paper claim files as well as electronic data relevant to the claim. We strive to reduce or eliminate the financial risk our clients face and ensure the company’s proprietary materials and procedures are not exposed to public disclosure through our document management systems and are adequately protected by the necessary court orders before documents and information are provided.

Our attorneys understand additional money is at stake. We are here to defend and protect you and the reputation you have spent years and countless resources establishing.

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