Insurance Coverage

Our knowledge and experience in defending insurance carriers runs deep. With 20+ years representing insurance carriers throughout the country, we understand the issues and implications of coverage disputes. Whether it is millions of dollars at stake or just a simple question, we recognize that insurers want attorneys who give timely, efficient answers to their questions.

That is where we come in.

We manage and assess the risk for our clients before potential litigation. We also provide guidance and training on various insurance topics and draft coverage opinions so an insurer can weigh all of their options and determine the best course of action. And when you just need another set of eyes to look at something or someone to brainstorm with, we are there for you. 

If a trial is what is called for, we employ strong, strategic tactics to defend insurance carriers involved in coverage disputes. We excel in the courtroom, having tried cases in multiple jurisdictions and all the way to the Supreme Court. We stand with you, protecting your interests, during every step of the litigation process.

We have built a reputation of success representing one of the largest insurance companies in the country. And we can leverage that experience to find the best possible solution for your particular needs. When it comes to insurance defense work, we have got you covered.

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