Premises Liability

In premises liability cases, we know the devil is in details. Our attorneys believe a successful case begins in the groundwork that happens at the beginning of a claim. That is why clients value our application of legal knowledge to the investigative process during discovery. We work hard to review and immediately preserve evidence relevant to a case while simultaneously assessing risk for you.

We defend premises liability cases from the initial claim all the way to trial, if needed. Once a claim is filed, our attorneys assess the facts, jurisdiction the claim will be filed in, the typical jury pool, the judges, plaintiffs’ counsel, medical and employment records and records of the business itself. We gather all of the facts and find our own experts.

Our process is unique because of our detailed and organized investigative operation. In order to achieve a successful outcome, we ask the right questions, which can make or break a case. Relying on 20 years of experience defending insurers, we plan and anticipate.

One thing learned early on was the importance of communicating with our clients and keeping them informed about their options and corresponding risk analyses.

We pay attention to the details, and we pay attention to you.

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